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My love, are you done living life in accordance with the expectations of others? You've ticked all the societal check boxes, yet you still feel there is something missing.

Have you had enough the negative voices in your head that tell you, you're not good enough, worthy enough, you can't have what you want?

Are you fed up with the of inner conflict, doubting yourself, diminishing your truth and therefore neglecting your authenticity?

Do you struggle with overriding your needs and putting yourself first, in the fear of not being liked by others, or being rejected - for being yourself?

You find yourself trying to prove your worth to yourself and others. Or looking outside of yourself for validation, which continually diminishes your truth.



You're on a journey of self discovery, realizing the way you have been living your life is no longer serving you.
You are waking up to the possibility that there might be more to life, feeling that spark of fire inside of you, wanting to discover what that more might be.
But the problem is, you don't know where to start

Live in alignment
and feel at
peace showing
up exactly
as you are

Feel fulfilled
and free from
the inside out

Up-level your

self love and

self confidence

Feel deeply connected to yourself and others

Access your unlimited power & potential

You want to

Is this you?

  • You feel stuck in a life that doesn’t feel fulfilling for you and you find yourself fantasizing about a different life, where you feel more fulfilled, confident, free and excited about your life.

  • You’ve been living your life trying to adapt to the ‘perfect’ standards and perfecting yourself to be liked by others and as a result of this you’ve neglected who you really are and your authenticity.

  • You're tired of the negative voices in your head and this is keeping you stuck and stagnating in your comfort zone. You have no idea how to break free from what’s holding you back and finally overcome this FOR GOOD!

  • You're living a life that looks great on the outside, but doesn't feel fulfilling on the inside.

  • You’ve been climbing the career ladder thinking this was supposed to be the key to your happiness, but it’s leaving you feeling unfulfilled and empty and you wake up each morning saying “is this really it” and your excitement for life is dwindling.

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Is this you?

  • You're tired of the inner conflict, doubting yourself and diminishing your truth. This leaves you neglecting your authenticity and struggling to fully love and accept yourself as you are.

  • You seek validation and approval from others, continually look outside of yourself.

  • You're struggling to show up exactly as you are and your fear of being ‘too much’ is keeping you from fully expressing the fullness of who you really are.

  • You hold back from sharing your truth and expressing what you need in the fear of being rejected and left alone.

  • You've lost touch with your joy and creativity that is longing to be expressed and it’s keeping your untapped potential hiding inside.

  • You're on a journey of self development, trying to figure everything out on your own. You keep falling back into doubt, staying stuck in confusion, relying on questionable advice, or google searches.

  • You're experiencing a whole heap of big emotions and you're not sure how to navigate them.

So imagine...

  • You finally start listening to yourself, discovering what you actually desire and start living in full alignment with your heart.

  • You uncover the limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck.

  • You reprogram your limiting beliefs so that you can let go of the thoughts and habits that hold you back and finally show up with confidence.

  • You find the confidence and inner strength to show up as your authentic self and stop holding back.

  • Creating a life that doesn’t just look successful on the outside, but actually feels fulfilling on the inside.

  • Having more energy and freedom so you can spend time doing things you truly enjoy with the people you love the most.

  • You cultivate deep self love and self trust and learn to connect with yourself in a whole new way.

  • You start listening better to yourself, so you can trust in your intuition & make decisions that feel good for you.

  • You build an unshakable foundation with yourself that will ripple out into all aspects of your life - for the rest of your life.

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P (106)_1618029171162.jpg

So imagine...

  • You're aware of your boundaries and start learning to articulate them.

  • You feel more confident in expressing yourself, your truth/needs/wants, in a calm and concise way.

  • Enjoying each moment more fully, experiencing more joy, lightness, pleasure and peace.

  • Boldly taking up space, feel empowered to step out of your comfort zone, explore new possibilities and expand your horizons.

  • Feeling more connected to your passions and purpose.

  • Feeling deeply connected to yourself and others and feeling fulfilled in your relationships.

  • Learning how to deal with setbacks and keep moving with forward momentum.


How do i know...?

Because this was me back in 2015 and it’s exactly why I created my Power and Pleasure Mentorship! So you can live in alignment with who you are and create a life beyond your wildest dreams!


You’re ready to re-connect to who you truly are and feel at peace being you. You're ready to live intuitively aligned, listen to the truth of your desires and claim them boldly. Because that’s when life feels sweet, fun and juicy and the universe says a big fat YES to you. Because you said YES to yourself.


You're ready to receive support from someone who has walked the path before you. Who can lay out the steps to help you come back to who you actually are. Who can create a powerful and intentional container for you, to bring you back to the root source of your power, which has been buried deep inside of you, but you still know is there - you’re just not sure how to access it, or how to express it.

You have that fire in your belly.
A knowing in your bones. Desires in your heart.
But you just need the permission to go for it!

Let me show you how




A 3 month 1-1 coaching program

P (30)_1618029171367.jpg



The Power and Pleasure Mentorship is a bespoke private mentorship program, which is specifically catered towards your needs, to meet you exactly where you are and move you forward to your goals.


This is based off my three powerful pillars - Alignment, Freedom, Express & Expand. Some of things we could cover include;

Blending traditional coaching and powerful questioning with the use of exercises which help to reprogram and transform your mindset. Plus the use of body based belief practices, to ensure that the transformation works holistically and lands in your body.

  • Getting crystal clear on what you actually desire and long for, (your version of success and happiness).

  • Uncovering exactly what’s keeping you stuck and standing in the way of you and your confidence.

  • Mindset work to reprogramme your limiting beliefs, so that you can let go of the thoughts, habits and patterns that hold you back and finally show up with confidence.

  • Energy work such as; NLP & EFT to reprogram your subconscious mind and body & clear negative emotions.

  • Integrating your new mindset into your daily life and experience sustained and lasting ease and flow.



Using intuitive and authentic movement to connect you to your body and build self trust. Plus the use of unique processes to help you uproot old, disempowering patterns or habits and create space to be liberated.

  • Learn to take radical responsibility for your life, so you can step into and align with the empowered women you want to become.

  • Get to know your personal boundaries, so you can learn where you are overstepping yourself and claim your time and energy back.

  • Develop self love & kindness, so you can show up to yourself fully, connect with yourself in a whole new way and truly value yourself

  • Healing your inner child wounds that are impacting you from going for what you want the people pleasing, fear of rejection, fear of judgement, perfectionism, comparison, procrastination, fear of failure.

  • Overcome the need to get validation from others and learn to approve of yourself.

  • Navigate your emotions and use them to heal and fuel your mission

  • Listening to yourself and your intuition so you can live in alignment with your truth.

  • Cultivating unbreakable self trust, learning how to show up to yourself and feel worthy of your goals, career, relationship, and health you desire and desire..


Using movement and sound to ignite the fire and the playful spark within you, to support you to feel liberated and be unleashed. Plus the use of exercises, role play and improvisation so this work can be easily integrated into your everyday life and relationships.....and… so you can have fun along the way!

  • Building confidence & having fun tapping into your fierce and free expression and releasing any shyness, shame, fear of judgement and insecurity, so you can feel liberated, step into the fullness of who you are and have more fun and feel lighter.

  • Setting empowered boundaries in your work, life and relationships

  • Finding your authentic voice and speak your truth, so you can communicate your boundaries and express your needs and desires. So you can be more comfortable and at peace with exactly who you are.

  • Learn to step outside your comfort zone & explore new possibilities wit curiosity, so you can discover what makes you come alive.

  • Learning tools and practices that support you in feeling more confident, connected and powerful.

  • Learning how to stay committed to yourself and your goals

P (14).jpg

"Life is still stressful and the same situations are still going on, but I’m managing stress very differently" Jen Canada

What the ladies are saying

Before I started working with Hara, I was in such an overwhelmed state. I was in a relationship that wasn't really working for me. I also didn’t feel that I was holding my ground and I didn't know how to communicate what I wanted. Throughout the sessions, I was able to figure out what's really important to me and see where my needs were not being met with this person. Hara gave me the confidence and permission to really put myself first. Now, I know what I want from a partner, because i know what i value and what's important to me, which has been absolutely life changing to be able to have a clearer idea of what I want and what I need to make me feel good.
I also have a better understanding about how to communicate my needs to my current and potential future partners. Hara holds the space so beautifully, I felt so safe and heard throughout the whole experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed every session that we've had together, it’s been absolutely transformational.

Melissa - UK

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What's included?

Access to me for 13 straight weeks with;

✓ 9 live sessions between 60-90 minutes, 1 week integration each month (value £1,350)

✓ Tailored bespoke homework in between sessions to support you to have further breakthroughs & profound realizations that will propel you into action (value £350)

✓ Recordings of each session with lifetime access to rewatch and relearn from the replay.

✓ Intention Intake that will kick start your transformation (value £50)

✓ A tried and tested framework used with thousands of women, used to transform the mindsets of women across the globe.

✓ A safe space during sessions and throughout the mentorship, where you are free to be your most authentic self, express all parts of who you really are. A space of none judgement, yet to feel deeply seen, felt & listened to.

✓ Messaging support throughout the full 3 months to have Hara literally in your back pocket (value £350)


Investment for The Power and Pleasure Mentorship: a 3 month, high touch program
£ 2k

*Payment plans available*

Yes, investing in yourself is edgy. But the relationship you have with yourself has a ripple effect into all other areas of your life. The return on your investment is invaluable, especially when it has the potential to change to trajectory of your life forever. You get to live a life on your own terms, one that is authentic. You get to live a more fulfilling life, with confidence. You get to enjoy every moment more fully, without holding back and following exactly what it is that you really want.


The Power and Pleasure Mentorship is perfect for you if…

✓ You are ready for your transformation, ready to take aligned action and do the work required to show up to yourself and catapult your growth

✓ You are ready to claim your life and your worthiness and reach your full potential 


✓ You are ready to own who are and be your authentic self and stop holding back

✓ You are committed to yourself and more committed to your dream than the excuses of why you cant have it

✓ You are ready to emotionally and financially invest in yourself 

✓ You are ready to experience lasting change in your life, work and relationships

✓ You’re ready to redefine what success, happiness and fulfillment looks like for you

✓ You know that being self reliant and self resourceful are very important qualities needed for this journey

The Power and Pleasure Mentorship is NOT for you if…

X You are happy to let your life pass you by and make endless excuses along the way

X You are looking to blame others and let them be responsible for your life experience 

X You are happy sat on your butt, staying in the inaction and have 0 interest to up-level your life

X You expect someone to do all the work for you and someone to give you all the answers

X You’re happy staying small, safe and are happy in your comfort zone


X You're happy allowing your life to be lead by others and neglecting your authenticity

X Your not orientated towards personal growth

X You're unwilling to emotionally and financially invest in yourself


This is for the women who understands I'm not here to give you all the answers because I believe everything you need is already within you.

I am here to reflect back to you what you may not be able to see yourself. To guide you - your energy, awareness and perspective - so you can make the change and transformation you truly desire.

You are the captain and I'm here to steer the ship.


It’s a big investment, how do I know if it will really help me?

  • It is a big investment, and i know it’s tough making investment decisions, especially when an investment like this has a huge potential to transform every aspect of your life and change the trajectory of your life forever. You have made it this far for a reason, trust your gut. If you want to live a life on your aligned terms the time is now. How much longer are you willing to wait?


How do I know this is right for me?


  • If you’ve read through the details of the mentorship and you get a full body FUCK YES, then you’re in the right place! The next step is to schedule a call through the APPLY NOW button where you can book your free 45 minute discovery call. On this call we will identify exactly where you are at, where you want to be going and what steps you need to take to get there. If it doesn't feel like a fit, i'll be straight up with you. I only work with women who are a full YES!


My life looks perfect on the outside, but on the inside i'm not happy, will this program help me become more genuinely happy?

  • Yes absolutely. You've ticked all the societal boxes, yet your still feeling like something is missing. This was me back in 2015 and why i created this program, so you can discover who you really are, what makes you happy, live your life in alignment with your soul and feel fulfilled from the inside out.

I'm not really sure what my dream life looks like, how will i know this mentorship will help me achieve this?

  • That’s exactly what this mentorship will support you with, we’ll spend time getting to know who you really are, what you stand for and what's important to you. Through exploring your values, goals and vision for the future. You will be exploring what YOUR version of success looks like FOR YOU. 


I have insecurities and self doubt, is this program right for me?

  • Absolutely. In the first part of the program we go deep into transforming your self doubt and any insecurities, which will lay the foundation for the rest of your life, so you can go out into the world and follow that which truly lights you up without holding back.


I’d like to fully commit however I never have much time for myself, how am i going to make this work? 


  • This program requires a level of commitment to yourself and your healing journey. Right now your time and energy is probably being spent in all the wrong places. This mentorship will support you to create MORE time and energy to do the things you really enjoy. It’s about re-adjusting your priorities, radical self care and re-aligning with what YOU truly want :-)

The Power and Pleasure Mentorship is perfect for you if…


If a 3 month commitment is too long for you, then we can always start with 4 sessions.



Or, if you're more of an in person kinda gal and you're passing through Bali, ask me about my Deep Dive Bali Experience.



I am certified Life Coach, Somatic Movement Facilitator, Heart Musician and have trained in Authentic Relating, NLP, EFT, Body Mind Centering, 5 Elements Dance and Theatre. I am an English native, who is now based in Bali with my partner, a curiosity follower, an Aquarius, who has travelled the world for the last 7 years, developing myself.

I know how it feels to have my outter world looking perfect, but on the inside feeling deeply unfullfiled and lacking in self esteem. But over the years I have truly discovered what it means to be happy from the inside out.

I love to weave together a range of modalities, plus my personal experience, to bring a holistic and integrated approach to my mentorship programs. My sessions are a mixture of not only working on your mindset, but also body based belief work. I use a combination of traditional coaching, alongside role playing and specific exercises to ensure that the transformation not only works on a mental level, but so it can also land in your body.

I am all about ripping up the rules that society places upon us, so you can create an authentic and aligned life.

My superpower is to see you, to be fully present with you. To reflect back to you, what you may not be able to see yourself. And to guide you - your energy, awareness and perspective - so you can make the change and transformation you truly desire.

I am most happy when i am dancing at a festival, singing music, out in nature, by the fire under the stars or cooking dinner with community. My nature is grounded, real, gentle, sensitive and loving, yet also assertive, direct and very playful and expressive. 



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