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"Life is still stressful and the same situations are still going on, but I’m managing stress very differently" Jen Canada


My session with Hara has allowed me to take a look on the things from a different perspective. Although I have been doing personal development for many years, the session with Hara made me realise how important it is to start trusting my intuition and myself in order to live in full alignment with my heart and the importance of curiosity in my healing process.
I also earned useful tricks on how to identify blocks in my life that were holding me back from living authentically and happy in my life.

Daniella - Sweden

Before I started working with Hara, I was in such an overwhelmed state. I was dating someone at the time and I didn’t feel that I was holding my ground in the relationship. I also didn't know how to communicate what I wanted and say this isn't good enough for me, this isn't working. Throughout the sessions, I was able to really figure out what's really important to me and see where my needs were not being met with this person. So by working with Hara, she gave me the confidence and permission to really put myself first. So now, I feel like I know what I want from a partner, I know what my values are and have a better understanding about how to communicate them because that was something that was really blocking me. I felt that I wasn't able to communicate what I wanted because I didn't know what I wanted. So that has just been absolutely life changing to be able to have a clearer idea of what I want and what I need to make me feel good. I loved the meditations that we did to reconnect with who I am. She holds the space so beautifully, I felt so safe and heard throughout the whole experience. It's okay if you have absolutely no idea where you are at, because she will definitely guide you and make you feel more confident in exactly what you want, how confident you feel in yourself, how to express yourself in a way that is non offensive and not pointing fingers at anyone. And I've just thoroughly enjoyed every session that we've had together, it’s been absolutely transformational. So thank you so much.

Melissa - UK


"Hara gave me the confidence and permission to really put myself first"
Melissa UK


When I came to Hara I was very unsure of myself, I was afraid, insecure, and felt like I didn’t belong. I had a lot of self-doubt and I didn’t believe that I could put myself out there as a doula. I uncovered so much about myself that I didn’t know and how my belief of “Im not enough” was holding me back in all areas of my life. But I began to see and experience myself differently - that it wasn’t me who wasn’t “good enough”, it was just the untrue stories I was telling myself and I knew working with Hara we could change that. Hara has helped me understand patterns that have been repeating themselves over and over again, that have been holding me back and how to overcome them. I have processed a lot of my emotional blocks and now truly believe that I am more than enough. I am so much more confident, I have more trust in myself and my abilities and I can’t wait to get my dream business started. The relationship with my mum and partner have improved as a result of this work and I feel so much more supported, connected and loved. I cannot thank Hara enough!

Alycia - Ontario, Canada 

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I have been with my partner for 10 years and before I started working with Hara my relationship with him was all over the place. There were no boundaries, lack of harmony, balance and often arguments. I didn't feel loved, appreciated and valued by my partner and I've felt the urge to break free from the relationship. But since working with Hara, I have finally found the courage to speak up about how I feel and everything has changed. Now our relationship has totally transformed, I'm now OK to have those difficult conversations and I've finally found the courage to be totally honest, open and vulnerable with my partner. I no longer hide my feelings, I speak my truth even if it's not comfortable - being totally open and truthful, without hiding my emotions. We have formed such a tighter bond with each other, we are closer than ever and have come back into harmony and now we have healthy boundaries that were missing for so long. We support each other even more, have more compassion, empathy, understanding and acceptance for each other. We have both become better people for ourselves and each other. And I'm also following my passion for writing again, which was laying dormant for so long!

Gosia - Poland / UK

Before working with Hara I was stuck, lacking confidence in myself and lacking motivation in my work. After working with her I am so inspired, empowered and excited about my life and the future, as I gained so much more clarity and built unshakable confidence from her coaching. Hara followed her intuition, asking powerful questions that empowered me to shift and widen my perspectives that were unavailable to me before and guided me to look deep within to explore my inner resource and my passions that really align with me. I couldn’t recommend Hara highly enough to anyone who is considering hiring a coach. She is a very competent and an exceptionally talented coach.

Jasmin - Sydney Australia


"I am so much more confident, I have more trust in myself and my abilities and I can’t wait to get my dream business started"

Alycia - Ontario, Canada 


When i started working with Hara, I felt like I had completely lost touch with who I was and my confidence. I was in a relationship that didn't feel respectful and supportive. My time and energy was simply focused on caring for my little girl and trying to fix my relationship. With Hara's support and care, she guided me to remember my self worth and helped me to see where I had been giving my power away. She helped me to rebuild my confidence and to come home to myself and understand what was really real and really true for me. She guided me to take radical self responsibility and take new steps in self care, for me and my daughter. Although it was one of the most intense transitions of my life, I was able to leave my relationship of 6 years. Since choosing me, I so much more confident in myself and positive about the path ahead and I am now creating a whole new gentle existence for myself and my daughter. I have since become much more financially independent, I have a new home and I'm starting to learn to drive. It is with Hara's bravery to live authentically and true that has allowed me to see that I myself can also walk this path of bravery. I want to thank Hara for being a part of this new miraculous journey that is unfolding. If you are feeling to work with Hara, is am screaming YES to you.

Sarah - Quebec Canada

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Before my coaching sessions with Hara, I struggled to express my authentic voice and I was suffering from imposter syndrome. My sessions with her were deep. She helped me understand that things from my childhood were still impacting me and my happiness. The most significant results coming from my sessions with her was that I found out I was doing something myself to self destruct my own happiness. My favorite part of the sessions were the meditations as she went really deep into my psyche. Thanks to my sessions with Hara, I realised that I could find joy in the present moment by accepting incidences in my past and letting them go and letting go of the old baggage and not letting it have power to affect my present. The sessions also gave me the courage to show up as my authentic self. Being more in touch with my authentic self, has made me more clear about what I want from my career and what brings me happiness. I'm also more honest and present in my relationships. I recommend Hara to anyone looking to find more joy in their life. She will go deep into your psyche and find patterns, stopping you from living your most joyful and authentic life. Thank you so much Hara, for your patience for your kindness, and for helping me find my authentic voice.

Sameera - UK

I remember my first session with Hara and actually apologizing because I was a hot mess, my energy was all over the place. I was so scattered, emotionally drained and burnt out and just feeling overall exhausted.

Today, I am so grateful because I just feel so calm, life is still stressful, but I'm managing stress very differently. I'm able to focus on my priorities. I'm just so blessed by how I feel because I'm so calm and so peaceful.

I just feel lighter all around.

Jennifer - Canada

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